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Double Bucket Hydraulic Oil Press

 Double Bucket Hydraulic Oil Press


Features of Double Bucket Hydraulic Oil Press :
1.Easy to learn, acquire and operation,timing work system with automatic pressing.
2.Actual power consumption does not exceed 1 degree per hour, saving energy and saving electricity.
3.High oil yield, high pressure and good quality oil.
4.Small area covering, 10-15 ㎡can meet the production needs.
6.The machine is multi-function. It can process more than 20 kinds of oil crops, such as, peanut, linseed, sesame, rape seeds, sunflower, cottonseeds, soybean, olive, mustard, coconut, avocado, etc.

How to Use Double Bucket Hydraulic Oil Press:
Automatic hydraulic oil press machine is the easiest operating in the mechanical oil extraction, the least to replace wearing parts among all the range of machines, is the most advanced equipment instead of oil manual. It can press more amount per time(80-100 kg / time), and processing time(30 minutes / time), especially for rural towns to rural incoming fast processing (of their own oil to oil), known to be assured oil.

Double Bucket Hydraulic oil press

The advantage of Double Bucket Hydraulic Oil Press:
1. Automatic hydraulic oil press machine makes use of hydro static pressure transmission principle. It takes liquid as the transmitter of pressure and squeezes the oil seeds. It is a closed loop system composed of hydraulic system and oil press ontology, including hydraulic power pack, controlling valve, motor, electrical cabinet, oil cylinder, charging basket and rack.
2. During pressing process, it doesn’t produce high temperature and doesn’t destroy the organic component of the seeds. Oil quality is better with less impurity. It is very suitable for high oil content seeds, such as sesame and walnut.
3.Low consumption, save electricity.

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 Double Bucket Hydraulic oil press

Double Bucket Hydraulic Oil Press Technical Data

Model Capacity Bucket Volume Voltage Motor power Max Work Pressure Barrel Size Overall Size (mm)
BYX-370 100kg/h 80L 380V 3kw 60Mpa 370*800 1200*1000*2200
BYX-400 125kg/h 95L 380V 3kw 50Mpa 400*800 1200*1100*2200
BYX-410 135kg/h 100L 380V 3kw 60Mpa 410*800 1200*1200*2200
BYX-500 200kg/h 150L 380V 3kw 50Mpa 500*800 1200*1400*2200
Product: Double Bucket Hydraulic Oil Press

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